Sapien City

Sapien Run NFT Game Introduction

Sapien means “wise” in latin, so with the wise choices you can RUN to EARN.

We are using the non fungible tokens for Sapien Run. These tokens are your runners to play and also a collectible item, they are all unique in different ways. Our vision comes from the evolution of the humanity. Starting from the stone age to metaverse. Reaching the stars, searching for life in the universe but we all started with running. We ran to survive, we ran to fly and now we run to earn.


In the Sapien Run we have six leagues. Each runner can only run in the eligible league based on their S-Point. We call them Sapiens. Sapiens earn and lose points based on their placement after each run.

There are different entry fees to the races and also free races in the Rookie league for new Sapiens. These fees are collected to give you as rewards. When you finish the race you will be rewarded based on your position. The rewards are increasing from 3rd place to 1st place. These positions are calculated depending on your Sapien properties and others in the race. You can check your opponents before entering to create a strategy for the win. Be wise !


It’s not going to be easy. Learning the properties is important. Be wise, understand the mechanics and dominate the Sapien City.


You want some extra profit ? Maybe just for fun, build your own Sapiens. Check our Integration Hub.


Master your skills and Run to Earn. In Sapien City there are multiple ways to earn, explore the Sapien City.

Let's run, Sapiens !

Some bullet points of the project

NFT based running game | Run to Earn

You will be earning money for each run you win depending on your place and league.
There will be 8888 Sapiens minted at the time of game launch.
Each Sapien will have its own unique properties. These properties will define your chance for the given race.
You will always be a great part of our Sapien City. We will share 20% of our royalties to Sapien holders.
There is an Integration Hub for building new Sapiens. Each Meta 1 Sapien holder can place their Sapien in the Integration Hub for generating more income.
There will be Grand Tournoments for bigger prize pools.
We will become more integrated with the Metaverse with VR version of the game.


In Sapien Run there are seven properties for each NFT which affects the result of races and building processes. Refine your skills and become the greatest Sapien in the Sapien City.

Sapien Run NFT >
Sapien Properties
Each Sapien has its own set of properties and each of these properties have their own rarity. They are the things which makes your Sapien stong or weak in different races.
Sapien Run Magnus
Property #1
Classes are like the characteristics of Sapiens. They represent their inner strenght. Sagax, Celeritas, Vis and Magnus. Sagax is the rarest of them and just like the origins none of the Sapiens will have this after the launch. It means "Intelligent".
Sapien Run Vis NFT
Property #2
Sapiens come from different origins. There are six different origins, Cygni, Aquarii, Sirius, Gliese, Wise and Den. Each origin gives them different abilities to perform better. Rarest of them is Cygni and there won't be any Cygni after the launch. Practice and learn.
Sapien RUN Sagax NFT
Property #3
Technology is a key to unleash their true strength and skills. Anti-matter, Fusion, Radiant and Vortex. Each technology provides different complexity in the game which you need to learn in time.
Sapien RUN NFT
Property #4
Process Power
In Sapien City process means progress which enables a continous improvement in town. Increased process power can lead to faster results but remember, wise choices are more important.
Sapien RUN NFT Whitelist
Property #5
Sapien Level
Sapien Level is their wisdom score. More is better as you know, with higher Sapien Levels your chance or winning the race increases.
Sapien RUN NFT Game
Property #6
Sapiens are syntetic beings just like these chemical and rare elements. Technetium, Curium, Dubnium and Bohrium are their core structure.
Sapien Run NFT Properties
Property #7
Meta defines the productivity of Sapiens. You can think it as of their master code. It will be used in Integration Hub for building new Sapiens.

Integration Hub

Building Sapiens for a new journey


Meta property of Sapiens define their productivity. Meta 0 and 10 (Consumer Sapien) can produce a new Sapien in a building process between Meta 1 and 11 (Provider Sapien).


Consumer Sapiens can be placed in Integration Hub marketplace for a price. Producer Sapiens can search for an integration to create a new Sapien NFT by paying the Consumers.


In the building process, each property of both Sapiens combines and creates a new one based on the algorithm. Newly created NFT is minted to the Providers wallet and the integration fee is transferred to the Consumers wallet.


Lets run through our missions.

Sales & Minting

There will be a Raffle for the distribution of the Sapiens. After the raffle, the contract will mint the NFTs to the winners and refund the ticket prices to the rest.

Pre Sales for Whitelist
Raffle ticket sales for everyone
Minting process
Phase 1Are you ready ?
Phase 2 Let's RUN !

Game Launch

Sapien Run will be ready to be played for Sapien holders.

Sapien Run game launch
Sapien Leagues will open for races
League classification for Sapiens

Tournament & Giveaways

There will be tournaments with bigger prize pools and we will be giving %20 of our royalties to our Sapien holders.

Phase 3 Get Lucky
Phase 4Build Them

Integration Hub

Building new Sapiens using the Integration Hub will be open. Meta 1 Sapien holders will be ready for new earning opportunities in the Integration Hub marketplace.

Building new NFTs


The excitement of the run will be experienced in the Metaverse with the virtual reality. Experience the run, feel it, win it.

Phase 5Feel Them

Our Team

We all come from the tech world and ready to run.

Sapien Run Team


Sapien Run Team


Sapien Run Team


Sapien Run Team


Art Director

Frequently Asked Questions

We tried our best to give answers to most common questions but if you have another one please contact with us.

Sapien RUN Frequently Asked Questions

The whitelist limit is 1000 users. You will earn a 25% discount for the raffle tickets and 2 free race entrance. Also whitelist users have a 100% chance of getting a Sapien from the raffle. Getting into the whitelist requires some simple tasks like joining our Discord channel. Learn more about whitelist prerequisites.

Join Whitelist

We will distribute Sapiens by making a raffle to prevent a gas war and make it more fair for everyone. Raffle will be announced from our Discord channel and Twitter account. Raffle tickets will be 0.1 eth.

Raffle is like a lottery, users can buy tickets for the Sapien Run NFTs and if they win the raffle they get their NFT otherwise the ticket price will be refunded to their wallet. All the processes will be on blockchain and transparent.

Soon after the sales we will launch the game without waiting. You will be notified if you have earned one of our Sapiens from the raffle.

  • Great community on Discord to make friends and enjoy the game together.
  • Holders will have a chance to earn money using their NFT on the Sapien Run.
  • Royalties will be shared with the Sapien Holders.
  • Chance of getting a rare Sapien and great profit.
  • Passive income opportunity through Integration Hub.